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Since there is already a German thread, I assumed that it would be a sensible idea to also create an English thread, especially since it is a more common language than German.

Any queries you have you can post here, and the rest of the community can help you out, plus you can also use to chat and so on and so forth.

I think I'll enjoy this thread as long as you don't get too fussy about my mistakes.

Ningüino CDR-lar:
Kes loqe pone ai? Yojke so del inglis mai no lo entiendou.

I´m too used to write sms-style english on purpose due to mmo gaming, I woudn´t be surprised if I´ve even forgot how to use it correctly  :lol:
Even tho for that same reason my spoken english is a thousand times better  (seg)
You´ll have to forvige me if in future posts I write just like in the ps.

ps: still w8ing for moar info bout that friend of urs  uhm

What a contrast between Dr3am3r's and Divarascka's posts :lol:


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