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Hilo para avisar de las salidas de los diferentes capítulos de los shonen(principalmente) y de mangas nuevos que puedan ser interesantes. Si sale algún manga, poned link prefiriblemente a la visión online, y si no hay, a la descarga. Se puedes poner raws en japonés para los más ansiosos, en inglés e intentaremos traer siempre la versión en español.

Spoiler del 580 de One Piece 100% confirmado

(click to show/hide)Soruce: AP
Credit: Ahoige_AP
Verification: Confirmed

Title is... I think the cover was Robin

Shanks picks up the strawhat, and says this isn't how we promised, so we'll do this next time.. as he flashes back on the past.
He tells Buggy he'll give him a treasure map, so give this strawhat to Luffy.
Buggy gets excited and takes the strawhat back to Luffy, but upon return he realizes Shanks was just screwing with him, and starts insulting Shanks. The prisoners see him talking to Shanks, a Yonkou, as his equal, and say they'll follow Buggy for life.

Aokiji and Kizaru attacks Law's submarine trying to escape.
Ice Age freezes even the ocean below, and Kizaru's laser spam rains down from above as the sub tries to dodge and run (whether they got away or not isn't shown)

Some interaction between Marco and Shanks.
Shanks tells the marines if you want to continue, the entire Redhaired Pirates will face them.
Sengoku gives up the war, and tells the marines to tend to the wounded.
He (doesn't specify if this is Sengoku or Shanks) then looks at Blackbeard, and says this isn't the time to fight you yet... we'll withdraw as we got what we wanted.
Hancock charms marines, and takes them to search for Luffy
Shanks says he'll do the burial for Whitebeard and Ace.
Some of the marines protest to this, but Sengoku tells him "I don't mind... since it's you"
One shots of all the characters, and narration stating the war has ended, and fin.

La semana que viene no habrá capitulo.

Actualizo con imagenes y transcripcion

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(click to show/hide)Chapter 580: End of the War

Garp: REDHAIRED!!?? He's the one that influenced Luffy into the path of piracy!!
Sengoku: ....!!
Marines: It's the Redhaired Pirates!!!!

Marines: Only yesterday, he was reported to have a skirmish with the yonkou Kaidou... and he's already here!!?

Shanks: Buggy!!
Buggy: Hm?
Shanks: Give that to Luffy!!
Buggy: The strawhat!!!
Shanks: I got a treasure map I wanna give you
Buggy: Really!? Alright, just wait there, I'll deliver this to him!
Lucky: Hey boss... it's been 10 years since you saw Luffy, you're not gonna see him at all?
Shanks: Yeah, I'd like to....

Shanks (flashback): I'll entrust this hat to you

Bepo: Captain! I know seeing a Yonkou is a rare occasion... but close the hatch already!
Law: Yeah... wait, something's flying at us

Shanks (flashback): one day when you become a great pirate... come return this to me

Shanks: however... if I meet him right now, I'd be breaking the promise, right Luffy?

Akainu: Damn you Redhair....!!! You let the son of Dragon....!!!
Aokiji: Ice Age!!!
Lucky: They're after the sub!! The ocean is freezing!!

Heart Pirate: Whoa!!! Oh crap!!

Ben: Damn.... He was still up for fight..!
Kizaru: Yasakani no Magatama

Pirate: Damn, relentless to the end!!
pirate: I hope it didn't hit...
pirate: Ace's bro!! Jinbei!!!

Heart pirate: Uwaaaaa!!! It's gonna hit us!! Full speed ahead!!
Kizaru: ...if they're still alive after this, then we'll just have to consider them very lucky, and give up...!

Hancock: Hurry!! Chase that submarine!!
Marine: How are we supposed to chase something under the sea!?
And I doubt they could possibly dodge those attacks by the admirals!!
Hancock: No... I'm sure he's alive..!!

Hancock: Listen!! Report to the marines that I'm going to chase after "Strawhat" Luffy as a Shichibukai, and finish him off!!
Marine: y...yes!!

Marine: But how are we going to chase...!!
Hancock: Just go!!
Marine: Yes ma'am!! Wow, she's unreasonable but so beautiful...!

Buggy: WHAT!? You lied to me about the treasure map!?
Shanks: I had to make it up on the spot. It's been a while, Buggy.
Buggy: Don't you it's been a while me!! You forget I got a grudge on you, Shanks!?
How dare you use me for free!!

Pirate: Did you see that...
Pirate: Yeah, I saw...
Pirate: Look at the attitude he has towards the yonkou Redhaired...!!
Pirates: Captain Buggy... We'll follow you for the rest of our lives!!

Buggy: (But wait a min... if I stay with him, I can get away from this place safely!!)

Marco: Redhair....!!
Shanks: Marco... don't fight back any further. Just withdraw in peace.

Marine: Hawkeyes!! Where are you going!!
Mihawk: I agreed to fight Whitebeard... but Redhair is outside of our agreement

Shanks: Even if you wish to pursue this further... the casualty on both sides are just going to increase!!
If anyone here isn't done fighting....

Shanks: Then come on! We'll take you on!!

Shanks: So... how about it, Teach... no, "Blackbeard"?

Blackbeard: Zehahahaha.... nah, I'll pass. I got what I wanted for now, fighting you guys is too early at this point...!!!
Zehahaha!! ...Men, let's go!

Shanks: everyone here... you're all going to have to save my face.

Shanks: Whitebeard and Ace... We will handle their burials
The image of this war has been broadcasted to the world this whole time... I won't let their bodies shown to the world any further!

VA: What!? Showing the slain heads of these two is when we the marines get to cry out our victory!!
Sengoku: No, it's fine!
VA: !? Fleet Admiral, sir...!?
Sengoku: Because it's you... it's fine, Redhaired...
I'll take all responsibility for this.
Shanks: I appreciate it
Sengoku: Tend to the wounded!! Hurry!!

Sengoku: The War has ended!!!

Narration: And so, the largest battle since the start of the great pirate age...
the war known as ""The Battle at Marineford, clash of the highest" " has finally come to an end, engraving its name deeply into the history.

One piece 580 HQ ingles, recien salido:
En español: (aviso, son una puta mierda)

Naruto 489:

Lo que faltaba

One Piece 581 Spoiler
(click to show/hide)Se anuncia la victoria de los marines.
Hancock alcanza a luffy y se dirijen ala isla kuja.
Los novatos estan observando la guerra. Kidd dice que ahora el mundo pertenece a los yoounku Shanks, Kaidou, and BigMom.
Bonny: Es el!! Es su culpa!!! Le encontrare..
(el genero en el que se expresa el/ella no esta especificado)
Mientras tanto se muestra a Magellan que esta al borde de la muerte, y varios prisioneros del nivel 6 no se encuentran (aparte de los que se llevo barbanegra).
El gobierno mundial dice que no diran nada al mundo sobre este incidente, pero sengoku no esta de acuerdo.
Doflamingo le dice a Moria:"No sirves para nada,are parecer que moriste en esta guerra"
Moria le pregunta a doflamingo si la orden procede de Sengoku, Doflamingo contesta: "No, proviene incluso de más arriba!"


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